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2Pcs Boho Macramé Tray With Wooden Handles

2Pcs Boho Macramé Tray With Wooden Handles

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  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruelty Free
  • Free from Paraben, SLS, MI & MCI


Introducing our 2pcs Boho Macrame Tray with Wooden Handles – a stylish and functional addition to your home organization toolkit. These Rope Woven Baskets are not just storage solutions; they are a fusion of practicality and elegance designed for individuals who appreciate tidiness and sophistication in every corner of their home. The set of two sizes, featuring charming wooden handles, adds versatility to your organizing needs.

Key Features:

1. Rope Woven Baskets for Organizing: Elevate your home organization with these intricately woven trays. The durable rope construction ensures both strength and style, providing a charming solution for keeping your space tidy.

2. Home Organization and Storage Supplies: Versatile in function, these trays are ideal for bathroom, bedroom, living room, or any space that requires organization. Declutter your surroundings with these stylish and practical storage solutions.

3. Organisation Elegance and Class: Imbue your home decor with a touch of elegance and class. These macrame trays seamlessly blend with your existing decor, adding a bohemian flair while keeping your essentials in order.

4. Designed for Tidy and Elegant Spaces: Tailored for those who love tidiness and elegance, these trays bring order to your surroundings without compromising on style. Transform your home into a space that reflects your taste for both organization and sophistication.

5. Set of 2 Sizes with Wooden Handles: The set includes two sizes of trays, each adorned with sturdy wooden handles. This not only adds a rustic charm to your decor but also enhances the practicality of these baskets.

Embrace the perfect marriage of organization and style with our 2pcs Boho Macrame Tray with Wooden Handles. Designed for individuals who appreciate a tidy and elegant home, these trays bring a touch of bohemian sophistication to your decor while keeping your essentials in order. Experience the beauty of organization with this versatile and stylish storage solution.

What's Include

2pcs Macrame Storage Basket

Made From

Cotton Rope and cotton lining

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    Free from SLS and Paraben.


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