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CITRUS SPICE BLISS: Handmade Goat's Milk Soap

CITRUS SPICE BLISS: Handmade Goat's Milk Soap

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  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruelty Free
  • Free from Paraben, SLS, MI & MCI


Experience the invigorating zest
of our "CITRUS SPICE BLISS" Handmade Goat's Milk Soap, a symphony of
vibrant scents and natural goodness. Crafted with the finest ingredients, this
soap is a celebration of citrusy orange, aromatic clove, and the enriching
properties of organic turmeric and calendula.

Key Features:

1. Exquisite Citrus Infusion: Immerse yourself in the uplifting aroma of fresh oranges, creating a burst of energy and revitalization with every use.


2. Warm Clove Essence: Enhanced with the warm notes of clove, this soap brings a comforting and aromatic spice blend that elevates your bathing experience.


3. Nourishing Goat's Milk: Enriched with fresh goat's milk, this soap provides a nourishing and creamy lather, delivering essential vitamins and minerals to pamper your skin.


4. Organic Turmeric and Calendula: Infused with organic turmeric and
calendula, this soap offers natural anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing
properties, promoting a healthy and radiant complexion.


5. Premium Natural Ingredients: Handmade with care, the soap features
a blend of olive, coconut, and flaxseed oil, along with shea butter,
ensuring a luxurious and moisturizing cleanse.


6. Artisanal Craftsmanship: Meticulously handmade with the finest
natural ingredients, our goat's milk soap promises an indulgent and
sensorial experience free from harsh chemicals and additives.


Unleash the blissful fusion of
citrus and spice with every use of our "CITRUS SPICE BLISS" Handmade
Goat's Milk Soap. Elevate your self-care routine with the invigorating
fragrance and the nourishing benefits of goat's milk, turmeric, and calendula,
creating a harmonious balance for radiant and rejuvenated skin.


1. Wet and Lather: Start by wetting your skin with warm water. Take
the handmade soap and lather it between your hands, creating a rich and
creamy foam.

2. Inhale the Aroma: As you lather, inhale the invigorating blend of
citrusy orange and warm clove. Allow the aromatic notes to awaken your
senses and create a moment of tranquillity.

3. Gentle Massage: Apply the luscious lather onto your body, and
gently massage it into your skin. Enjoy the nourishing and creamy texture
as it cleanses and revitalizes.

4. Focus on Problem Areas: If you have specific areas of concern, such
as dry patches or areas needing extra attention, focus the soap's goodness
on these spots for a targeted and indulgent treatment.

5. Rinse Thoroughly: After a blissful and aromatic cleanse, rinse your
body thoroughly with warm water. Feel the refreshing residue-free
sensation on your skin.

6. Pat Dry: Gently pat your skin dry with a soft towel. Revel in the
lingering fragrance and the revitalized feeling of your nourished and
pampered skin.


Incorporate this ritual into your daily bathing
routine to enjoy the uplifting benefits of our "CITRUS SPICE BLISS"
Handmade Goat's Milk Soap. Let the natural ingredients and exquisite scents
transform your shower into a rejuvenating and aromatic experience.



Saponified organic oils (olive, coconut, flaxseed and shea butter), fresh goat's milk, essential oils (orange and clove), organic turmeric, and organic calendula.

What's Include

1 x CITRUS SPICE BLISS: Handmade Goat's Milk Soap

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